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06/23/2019What You Need to Know Before Your Next Move
So you are searching for your next home and realize that it’s so much more than just picking the “right” house. There are many criteria that need to be considered so that the home you buy is everything you want and need. Understanding homeowners needs and how to negotiate with sellers is what every prospective home buyer needs in a real estate agent. Here are a few specific questions that need answers as you are preparing to buy your next home. 1. How Much are Comparable Homes in the Area Listed for? One of the biggest issues you can encounter when working with a real estate broker is their knowledge of the market you are looking to buy a home in. Many times most brokers know their area well but they might not be good at communicating that to you. In competitive markets, homes that are in close proximity to each other can vary widely depending on the demand. By gauging the interest in a given neighborhood or area, a broker can tell a buyer or seller if there is a lot of interest, or if they would be better off waiting till the market picks back up. 2. How Fast are Homes Selling in your Area? If homes are selling like crazy in your area this can mean a multitude of things. Either people are coming into your city because job opportunities and the economy are booming and real estate is doing well or, the area isn’t doing as well as it used to. Talk with your broker and find out what is going on and why houses are being sold quickly. This will help give you the necessary information to be a well informed buyer or seller. 3. How do You Make Your Offer Stand Out? When making an offer for a house price is always the focal point and for good reason. Money is the motivating factor that will cause a seller to take an offer or a buyer to finally commit to the asking price. But, there are a few ways you can adjust your offer that will help you stand apart. If there are multiple offers on the table, it can be hard to be seen and heard by the seller. Consider taking alternative actions like offering a higher deposit in “good faith”. That way if a seller is looking to make a quick sale you might be able to snag your dream home on a 30-day closing. 4. What are some Common Negotiation Issues? Most of the time a negotiation on the sale of a house comes down to having a great broker who will fight to get you a great deal. Their job is to make sure you whether you are buying or selling that your new home or old home will be taken care of. Negotiations resemble a dance between two parties each wanting something that the other has. A great real estate broker will be able to walk a fine line between getting you everything you need and keeping those they are dealing with satisfied. Make sure your broker is always asking questions like are there any other deals on the table. If any pertinent information comes up they should be on top of it.

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