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04/03/2019House Warming Party Checklist

Throwing a house party can be an exciting experience that will help welcome friends, neighbors, and family into your new home.

While there are many distinct ways of hosting a celebration for your house, creating a checklist will allow you to plan thoroughly and give your guests a memorable experience.

Pick a Date, Time, and Theme

Finding a date that can work can be challenging as the host when you are accommodating for a lot of guests. Choose a day when you know people will be available and plan for the weather as best you can.

Weekend parties are a classic go to that you can schedule up to a month out. This you give you time to fill in the specifics of your party and time for your guests to RSVP.

You can use Shutterfly as an inexpensive option in creating a personalized invitation that you can send to your guest list.

Themes can range from traditional and simple to flamboyant and magnificent. Pick one that fits your personality, the kind of home you are now in, and what you think is feasible.    

A few unconventional ideas could be a painting party where you choose a room in the house that you want redecorate and have at it. This would typically be a smaller party where you can converse and get work done at the same with your close friends or family.

Another exciting kind of house warming party you can throw would be a Stock the Bar themed celebration. Invite neighbors, friends and family to bring over their favourite liquor and make a cocktail for everyone to sample. A fully stocked bar and fun drinks for all is a great way to party in your new home!

Conventional parties like potlucks are a reliable way to get people interested in coming to your home because everyone loves food. Ask guests to bring a dish and the hard part of planning is solved!

Make a List and Make Sure you are Prepared

When it’s only a few weeks out from your party make sure you have the proper ingredients to complete your recipe. Check for your decorations, tableware, and all the other elements that you are going to need.

Candles and flowers are also fun small additions that you can include with your party to give it a special personal flare.

The last few days before you party are crucial to its success. Tying up any loose ends and finishing those final details is all you have left to do.

Make sure to clean up around the house as much as you can to allow for a great experience for yourself and guests.

Getting any last minute food and drink items is all you have left after this.

It’s Time to Party! Sit Back and Relax

The day is here and now it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your hard work. Put the drinks on ice, layout all of the snacks and food, crank up the tunes and party! Now you can welcome others into your new home and have them share the joy of this experience.

This is your opportunity to catch up with old friends, see family, and appreciate the community around you and all of the effort you have put into this endeavour.

Raise a glass and toast your accomplishments with your new home and a well-planned party.


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