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03/14/2019From List to Contract

Everyone makes lists. Whether we are talking about the simple, everyday groceries lists to more complex and lofty ones regarding a future home, all are important if you want to be thorough in your approach. However, how about transforming your future home-ownership list into something real? Easier said than done, but if you consider these steps, your future home could be a little closer.

Everything begins with your budget

How much do you own? How much can you borrow from the bank? How much can you spend and how much will you spend? All questions can result in different situations or scenarios. Usually, it is better to work with thresholds: a minimum and a maximum one.

Talk with a real-estate agent

After you’ve decided what amount of money you could spend it is time to compile a list for your next home. How do you transform this into reality? Simple, talk with a real estate agent. These people are much more connected with the housing market and can provide with useful advice and tips. It’s best to let real estate agents handle the entire process if you have some doubts.

Your suitable home

Stay flexible. Continually seek out new opportunities. Do not get stuck in a single neighborhood when searching for your new home. Always have a plan B in your mind. Your dream home can be much closer than you think, just because the housing market is very volatile. For example, two almost identical houses can have hugely different selling prices due to a minor neighborhood impact. So remember, always search for different options.

Negotiation margins

You found out the perfect home for you. The neighborhood suits you as well. What can you do? You prepare the closure speech: negotiate. Find out what the community is like; try talking with as many people as you can. Find out who are the neighbors and bond to seek out useful information. Then, do your homework: the overall house, the living space, the back yard, indoor or outdoor furniture, fittings, appliances, trims, all can be used in your advantage. If you do your homework right, it could save you some cash.

 Final inspection

It’s better to have a final house inspection together with your real estate agent. First, because two pairs of eyes see possible issues faster and secondly because the agent should handle all the paperwork. So, if he or she has any specific questions or conundrums, this final inspection could come in handy. Remember to check the house thoroughly. Of course, a list is useful: important house documents, different suppliers’ contracts or utilities’ contracts, other already negotiated elements.

Final talk

Try to have a last discussion with the house’s previous owner. Ask for any hidden issues or thighs, which could occur unexpectedly. This blunt talk can save you a tone of money in the near future.


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