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03/01/2019The buyer’s checklist

Sometimes, searching for a new home can feel complicated because it seems that nobody is willing to help with proper information. It becomes frustrating when everyone close to you starts to share their opinions on how to properly manage this process. Many of their thoughts are redundant in the first place. Therefore, what can you do to buy a suitable house for your needs? 

Work with a real estate agent

A real estate agent can help you in many ways. These people know the housing market better than everyone else does. Moreover, it saves you precious time: you will no longer have to handpick the house selling ads. Just tell the real estate agent what you wish. They have standard lists for all housing portfolio. Signing a contract up front is useful. This way, you will incentivize the real estate agent to deliver faster and better.

 Know what your budget is

This is an important topic to take into consideration. If you do not manage it correctly, this could end up becoming an issue. Calculate how much you can afford to spend on your home. Remember that the initial asking money is not the overall sum, which you are going to pay. There are other costs too such as insurance, some hidden small repairs and so on. Never exceed your budget limits.

 Talk with other potential or ex-buyers.

It is important to find out directly what it is like from someone who is or has been in the same situation as you. You would be surprised how many types of problems are out there, some of them you did not know existed in the first place. A hint here: try to find new buyers from the neighborhood you wish to move into.

 Find your suitable home

Since we are here, you have to prepare a shortlist of neighborhoods and, of course, a list of homes you like. Remember to choose a house that suits your current and short-term needs if you do not have a big budget. Take into consideration all the pros and cons of the neighborhood and be enthusiastic about your new purchase but also keep a dose of realism.


When you feel you have found the perfect home, you are happy and eager to move. Not yet. As much as you want to close the deal as soon as possible, it is useful to negotiate the final asking price. Use arguments such as the house’s position, neighborhood, overall living space, backyard, interior design, you name it. The only limit here is your imagination. However, do not go too far, there are other potential buyers.

 Close the deal

Do a final inspection before signing any papers. It is useful to have your real estate agent with you as well. He could know the house a little bit better on this particular stage and could even help you save money in the near future.

In conclusion, there is not standard recipe. However, if you take things systematically, good results will follow.


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