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01/31/2019How to price your home so you don’t leave cash on the table

When you finally consider selling your house, you have to take into consideration several useful steps meant to ease up the whole process. Usually, people tend to underprice or overprice their offers simply because emotional triggers interfere. Therefore, you need to know how to price your home so no money is left aside.


Pricing your home-intro

Every house has its good and bad points and advantages and disadvantages. The important thing is to scale these perks and to know how to use every plus point to make any downside less meaningful in the final acquisition criteria.


Research is vital when pricing your home

When selling a house, two things have to be taken into consideration: the overall housing market and the specific location. First, context is everything: the housing market is sometimes fluctuant due to the national or international economic and fiscal background and framework. Expect the starting price margin to have a specific threshold due to this direct influence. Secondly, location is another vital selling criterion: identical houses can bear different price tags simply because one neighborhood is better than the other. Therefore, seek out the zone’s real estate market and adapt accordingly.


The selling proposition

When it comes to real estate, each house should highlight the strong points. We recommend to always planning a strategic approach when selling: establish price points by the house’s plus points. Therefore, you can easily attract potential buyers with some house specifics.


Get specialized help to sell your home

Listing agents can help with pricing your home according to the current market context. Do not hesitate to get in touch with somebody who knows how to bring the best offer on the table for a small fee. Usually, you are so used to your house that you can quickly oversee of some critical bits and pieces which could be part of a more extensive relevant pricing offer.


Put yourself in the buyers’ shoes

Always ask yourself if your house is worth buying. Try to imagine what would you like or dislike when entering a new home; establish a list of ups and downs and try to seek out which one could be used as a buying incentive or which ones could be improved to become a strong point for your house.


Prepare a price range

In other words, expect potential buyers to negotiate. It’s perfectly reasonable; however, as a seller, you need to list a fair starting price and to have a good final price. Usually, if you are lucky, a buyer would negotiate up to the previous price plus 15%. Be prepared to sweeten the deal with some useful extras too: some furniture, old appliances, carpets, can quickly help to seal the final agreement between you and the potential seller.  

Selling your house is a significant moment in your life and successfully selling your home can help you to get a valuable head start on your next planned stage.


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