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01/19/2019Top 3 weird questions to ask your realtor

A realtor is an advisor, a counselor and you should have a great connection with them. They need to understand your lifestyle, expectations, and limits. Also, you need to make sure they work in your best interest, not just their own. Lastly, they need to be innovative and not afraid to go to any lengths necessary to make you happy as a customer. So here are some easy ways to see if you click with your realtor.

How is the market going? How many homes did you sell last year?

These questions help you assess their professional knowledge and their success rate. You need to know if they can express clearly and concisely the current trends on the market. Also, you should care if they have practical know-how, not only certifications.

If you are unsure about the answers, you get, or the realtor seems that they are making numbers up ask additional questions. These could include things like for how long is a property on the market and how many properties they usually have in their portfolio at any given time. Reading between the lines can help you figure out if you are talking to a professional.

How do you handle difficult clients?  

They must find common ground, explain, and advise. These are not struggles; it’s just business as usual. As most people are involved in the buying or selling process only a few times in their life, the realtor is responsible for making this as smooth as possible.

The only reasonable answer to this question is that they never had a difficult client.

Ask them about how they feel about negotiations, changing your requirements in the middle of the process and taking some more time to decide. These things could happen to you, and you don’t want additional pressure.

How do you advertise?  

Being online is no longer an option, is a necessity. You want your realtor to be savvy about all tools and channels available. In a world where everybody spends between two and ten hours online, if they don’t feel comfortable on social media, you are just wasting time and opportunities. You don’t even need to ask them this, start your research by trying to find their portfolios on various platforms. A dedicated agent will have beautiful photos or videos available and up-to-date.

Ask them if they have any hidden costs related to advertising like boosted posts or Google AdWords fees. You wouldn’t want to find yourself paying for something you didn’t sign up in the first place.

Although these are not the standard things to ask your real-estate advisor, they sure help finding the best match.


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