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06/02/2019So You Need a New Roof?

Every home owner dreads the day that they have to put a new roof on there home. While roofs last 15 years if you moved into an older home or have been in your’s for awhile, a new roof is always a hassle.

A brand new roof can be very expensive and time consuming, not to mention inconvenient with all the hammering and noise that you will have to endure.

Read these 3 tips so you will be better prepared to navigate the unpleasant sea that is purchasing a roof.


Shop Around

When looking for a new roof shop around and get the best deal you can possibly get. Get references from your neighbors and other roofing professionals that you know before you make this big decision.

The average cost of a roof is $6,000. Look into seeing if you need a whole roof replacement or just a couple patch jobs here and there. If you do need a whole new roof though make sure that the roofers are using quality lasting materials as well.

If you have stripping or layering shingles tell the roofers. This could save them time and by default you money.


There Can be a Lot of Paperwork

Pay attention to the paperwork.

Some towns require a permit to build a new roof. A detailed written contract will be crucial when it comes to nailing down details and the total cost of the project. A letter from the company’s insurer is also useful to make sure that they have liability coverage.

With roofing there is a tremendous liability that comes long with a project of this nature. You don’t want to have an accident happen on your property and not be covered.


Make sure the job gets Done

Don’t pay until you see the magnet. When you are getting a new roof thousands of nails come out and can fall in your yard. Roofers have a tool that can easily pick up all of these nails. Make sure this is done before you finalize all the payment.

Once the work is done now you get to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having a brand new roof. No leaks, no more hassle, no more roof issues for the next 15 years.


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