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02/17/2020How to deal with junk mail
While blocking spam and reducing clutter in your digital inbox can feel like spring cleaning, reducing unwanted physical mail can get overlooked. But a few quick steps can help stop those preapproved credit card applications and other unwanted mail that regularly piles up.

The Federal Trade Commission notes prescreened credit and insurance offers can be blocked for five years online or permanently through a letter. The five-year ban can be done at or by calling 1-888-567-8688.

Direct marketing mail can also be blocked for 10 years by paying $2 through the Direct Marketing Association. The FTC recommends that option, and Washington Post columnist Leamy Elisabeth also wrote about her experience doing so. 

If you want to do so without paying, contact a company's customer service line, The New York Times has noted. Among other measures, consumer advocates also recommend contacting organizations directly to remove your address from mailing lists or reduce the amount of materials they send you.

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