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06/01/2019What You Need to Know Before Joining an HOA

When moving into a new neighborhood there are many factors to be considered besides the house you are buying. The location, style of development, and the HOA (Home-Owners Association) all need to be considered when making a move.

But the question is should you be in a neighborhood that has an HOA? What are the benefits and drawbacks to being apart of one? Keep reading to learn more about what HOA’s are and if you should be apart of one or not.


The Pros

Some pros of being in an HOA is that you don’t have to mow your lawn or maintain your yard. General yard maintenance will be taken care of as well exterior pest control and other aspects of your exterior.

You will have access to many amenities that others will not. Swimming pools, tennis courts, golf courses, these could all be included in your HOA.

Besides the resources you will have at your access to, one of the main jobs of HOA’s is to ensure the property value of homes in a community is preserved.

An HOA has a board that helps facilitate changes in rules and community guidelines. If there is a new rule that you or your other neighbors aren’t too happy with you can join the board and work to make changes.

Communities with HOA’s tend to be close knit and offer a chance for home owners to be socially engaged with others in the neighborhood. If you are apart of the HOA board you can plan events, parties, and work to build a sense of friendship with those who live near you.


The Potential Downsides

A negative side to being in an HOA is some of these fees can be expensive. You also cannot personalize the exterior of your home. You have to blend in to the community. There are also a certain set of guidelines that you will be expected to follow.

The saying leadership can make or break a team is true when it comes to who is running your community. If the members of your HOA’s board are incompetent than it can be diffiult to get changes to rules or have direct lines of communication with those in charge. Many homeowner communities are developments comprised of townhomes or apartments. This means that you won’t have as much privacy as you would if you had a home in a non-HOA community.


The Takeaway

Every homeowner wants different things from the community where they live. Some like a strong sense of comradery that HOA’s can provide, others enjoy having their own space and not having to adhere to specific guidelines. Either way, find out what a neighborhoods HOA is all about before you make the move and you’ll be prepared no matter what decision you make.   


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