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05/24/2019Selling Your Home Yourself May Cost You

Many owners don’t believe this statement, but it definitely is a fact. Just ask the National Association of Realtors (NAR) who keeps track of all real estate transactions.

Why would a buyer want to buy a home that was listed as For Sale By Owner? Mostly to save commissions, right?  If you know someone trying to sell their house themselves, have them call me. I would hate for them to end up giving in at a weak moment during a negotiation with an agent. The only person who wins when this happens is the agent who has been trained to take advantage of unskilled homeowners. The NAR says 90% of every FSBO will eventually list with an agent.

KW agents net our sellers 2.9% more money in their pocket than the average agent, which is 95.5%, according to NAR. Those are some statistics you can count on. Call today to schedule a consultation!


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