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05/21/2020Thoughts on Market

Good morning friends, clients and homeowners.

I have recently had several calls from folks just asking what I thought about the current real estate market. From my reading and evaluating of the market and our current ecomonic situation these are my thoughts.

Our market inventory is still low, good for Sellers and interest rates are remaining low which is good for Buyers. I believe it will take some time for our economy to bounce back, but I think the housing market will rebound quickly.

Unlike 2008 this was not caused by elements within the banking or investing systems. We will want to watch the commercial real estate markets as it does impact residential markets to some degree. I think home values will remain steady and possibly increase in the coming months and into our fall season. Just my thoughts.

If you have questions or concerns please feel free to give me a call. Take care, Gloria 443 623 8152


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